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                                        FROM 18 €/h
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At Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School you will meet multi-national and multi-lingual qualified male and female instructors ready and motivated to introduce and teach you to the exhilerating sport of kitesurf at Tarifa's ideal beaches...
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Price List

  1 hour from 18€, group 2 to 4 pers/instructor
Kitesurfing course 4 hours per day

  Booking :     1 person     -   2 persons (special)

 1 day  (4h)      -   90 €    -   80 €/person
 2 days (8h)   
 -  170 €     -  160 €/person
 3 days (12h)   
-  240€     -  225 €/person
 4 days (16h)   
-  320€     -  300 €/person
 5 days (20h)   -  380€     -  360 €/person (18€/h)
Kitesurfing course 3 hours per day -
 2 days   (6h)     - 135 €/p
 3 days   (9h)     - 195 €/p
 4 days   (12h)   - 260 €/p
 5 days  (15h)   - 295 €/p
  Special deal for 2 persons only 2 pers/instructor
Tailor made semi-private course
3h/day   -   95 €/p
4h/day   -  120 €/p
Special Rate for groups and discount for more days.
Also available:
Private tuition from 55€/h (advance, intermediate, beginner)
Tailor made semi private courses.
All material, boat rescue & insurance included
                                        FROM 18 €/h

1.jpgTarifa Max Kitesurfing School has been giving kitesurfing courses since 1998 and is the kite school with the most experience, developing techniques to ensure you learn to kitesurf quickly and safely with lot of fun. After your kitesurfing course you will be given an IKO licence  which will allow you to rent kitesurfing equipment. Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School also sells new and second hand material at the best price and you can get one day for free in order to try the equipment. Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School is happy to advise you and answer any queries.
Tarifa Max
Kitesurfing School gives kitesurfing courses everyday in small groups and uses radio helmets.
Check out the different kitesurf courses on offer:trainer kite.jpg

Day 1 (4 hours) 75€ per person
Introduction to kite flying

- Rig, launch and control small trainer kite
- Safety training

- Rig tube kite in 4 lines and practice controlled launching and landingtrainer kite 2.jpg

- Learn to use harness & de-power
- Re-launch kite independently
- Sliding & standing using power

Water start on beach.jpg

Water start on beach 2.jpg






Day Bodydragging.jpg2 (4 hours) 75€

Body dragging and water start training

-  Rig kite independently

-  Learn to control kite in water by body draggingThe-instructor-comes-in-the.jpg

- Practice a series of body drags for improved control in water

- Re-launch kite from water

- Water start training for the first few metres up on the board

Day 3 (4hours) 75€water start.jpg
Up and riding

- Intensive water start training
- Improve kite control
- Start to be independent with kite and board
- Kitesurf in both directions
water start 2.jpg
Day 4 (4 hours) 75€
Switch and kitesurf upwind

- Independent in the water
- Water start practice in both directions2.jpg
- Learn to slow down or go quicker
- Start to turn
Private Lessons from 50€/hr.3.jpg
Course adapted to 100% to your level and needs
- Do the course with our equipment or your own if you prefer
- Radio helmets for constant 4.jpgfeedback
- Learn to turn or go up wind

- Learn free-style tricks
- Feel confident

For more info call: 0034 696 558 227 (best from 19h30 to 21h)or email
official kitesurf school ref. CA/ATT 060
     FROM 18 €/h

Price List

  1 hour - from 18€

  1 day (4h)  course - 90€

  2 days (8h)  course - 170€
  3 days (12h) course - 240€
  4 days (16h) course - 320€
Kitesurfing course 3 hours per day - min 2 people
 2 days (6h) kite course - 135€
 3 days (9h) kite course - 195€
 4 days (12h) kite course - 260€
  Special deal for 2 people
  2 days (8h) course   160€ pp
  5 days (20h) course 360€ pp
Tailor made intermediate and advance semi private courses.
Special Rate for groups and private course available on request, and discount for more days.
All material & insurance included

Read on for more information about the kitesurf courses Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School offers:
Arthur hangs loose.jpgAt Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School the first kitesurf lesson starts on the beach as you are taught how to rig, launch and control a trainer kite. You are also shown where the power zones are and how to take Daniela practices waterstart on the beach.jpgpower safely - this is a lot of fun as you slide on the beach using the power of the kite. All important equipment safety checks and controls and other basic concepts such as relaunching independently and using the harness are taught during the first day kitesurf course. 
Blue Helmet.jpg
For day 2 of the beginner kitesurf course Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School prepares you for the water after quickly checking the skills learnt on the beach the day before.

Mathieu con Marino.jpg

After teaching you how to control the kite in the water with safety by doing an exercise called Bodydragging.jpgbodydragging (a lot of fun!) you will continue with the board and start to practice waterstarts...
Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School has developed the best techniques to ensure you learn to kitesurf The-instructor-comes-in-the.jpgquickly and safely. It is one of the only kitesurf schools in Tarifa where the instructor comes in the water with you to help you with the waterstart stage. This part of the course can be a little difficult so it is very helpful to have the instructor there by your side. Raquel admires Morten´s board riding skills.jpg

Day 3 is an intensive waterstart course. The session focuses on practicing with the board. You will begin to recognise your own mistakes and will definately get your first ride up on the board.
Day 4 is also an intensive waterstart day - by the end of this day you should be able to go into the water by yourself, put your board on and do correct waterstarts.Escuela_02.jpg
The basic kitesurfing course is 2 days - we go through all the different stages in these 2 days;the first on the beach and the second in the water. A 3rd day will give you the opportunity to further develop your waterstart skills and start to become independent. A 4th day will give you further waterstart practice, allow you to become independent and to start develoing other skills like turning and kitesurfing in both directions. An intermediate course is 4 days. You can do as many days kitesurfing course as you like (they do not need to be consecutive). Just let us know what you would like to do and we will offer you the best price.
Remember that during your course you will learn many different skills from the instructor and have many experiences that will help you in the future when you are kitesurfing 'solo'!

Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School also offers private kitesurfWaterstart.jpg lessons...
If you´ve already done a beginner kite course or know something about kitesurf and want to improve or start learning to do some tricks, then a  private lesson may suit you better. You will learn faster as the teaching will be paced exactly at your level. You can learn to kitesurf in variable conditions and develop a greater knowledge of your own equipment or with our latest 2013 equipment and how to use it to improve your perfomance. We use radio helmets to keep in contact with you to give you constant feedback and advice.
2.jpgThe Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School's instructors come into the water to help you with the board. It is important to keep the board in the correct position as you prepare to do the waterstart.
3.jpgKeeping the board in its correct position, generating power correctly with the kite and keeping your weight correctly distributed on the board is key to success for waterstarts.


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Video body drag and kite relaunch from the water

Kitesurf school in Tarifa with O´Neill. Book a group kitesurf course or private course with Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School. We will take you to the best kiting spots with the best kitesurf conditions in Tarifa to learn how to kite surf. Discover all about kiteboarding, kitesurf equipment, new and second hand, different kitesurf spots and all the different options we offer for you to learn kitesurf whether it be private kitesurf courses or small group kitesurf courses. Tarifa Spain Andalusia (20min from Gibraltar).

Experience makes the difference..... since
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